Expert Carpet Cleaning London


carpet cleaningRug Cleaners London is the professional cleaning services provider which most people in London prefer. Our trained and vetted experts deal with all kinds of carpets and rugs professionally, and offer same-day and emergency services. The company offers high-quality, reliable and eco-friendly residential and commercial carpet cleaning services at a very affordable and fixed price.

The professional cleaners are carefully selected, trained, vetted and experienced. They can work with nearly any type of carpet, rug or upholstery. All of the cleaning solutions used by the company are Prochem certified, and are safe for people, pets and for the environment. The technology and tools used are from the latest generation, and are safe, efficient and eco-friendly too.

Our Professional Cleaning Company Offers:

  • Cleaning services 365 days a year
  • Stain removal included in the price
  • Deodorizing, protection application and quick drying systems available upon request

To get a quick, free price quote for the carpet cleaning service you need, call 02034045107 or send an online request here. The customer care staff will be back to you as soon as possible with a non-binding price offer. You can also ask them about the discounts you will get if you book more than one cleaning service simultaneously.


Information about our expert carpet cleaning service


Rug Cleaners London has been taking care of the cleaning needs of the people and businesses in London for over a decade, and the customers are returning and recommending new ones because of the reliability and high quality of the professional services provided. The cleaners are very well trained and can acknowledge exactly what type of solution or spot removal detergent should be used for every carpet, rug or stain. The deep cleaning can be either with steam or dry. This depends on the type of carpet you have, and whether it can handle being washed with water. Also, some stains can be treated but others which have permanently removed the dye from the carpet or ones that are too old cannot be cleaned. The experts will give you free carpet maintenance tips as well.

How steam carpet cleaning is done

Our team will arrive on the spot and will first move any lighter stuff from the carpet, if you haven’t removed it already. Then the cleaner will inspect the carpet to determine if it can be deep cleaned with steam, and also to pick the most suitable solution for your type of carpet. Any stains which can be treated will be pre-treated. The cleaner will remove as much dust and dirt as possible with a powerful professional hoover and will then perform a test for colourfastness as well as any negative reactions to the solution which will be used. If everything is alright, the technician will proceed to steam clean the carpet. First, water with the cleaning solution will be sprayed thoroughly and extracted at the same time by the hot water extraction machine. Then it will be rinsed and extracted with the same machine. After the procedure, your carpet will need about 3 hours to dry completely, but air moving systems for speeding up the drying are available, upon request.

How dry carpet cleaning works

If you have a delicate, antique or non-waterproof rug, our experts will apply dry carpet cleaning method. The cleaner will first inspect the carpet for stains and for determining which cleaning solution to use. Then the carpet will be vacuumed thoroughly with a powerful hoover. Our team will test the dry cleaning solution on a small hidden spot on the carpet before proceeding with the deep cleaning. The dry carpet cleaning spray or powder is rubbed into the surface with the help of specialized equipment, and left to sit for a while. The cleaner then will vacuum the rug thoroughly to remove the cleaning solution which will have all the residue and dirt from the carpet stuck on it. After the procedure,your favourite rug will look fresh and rejuvenated. So, all you need to do now is to book your deep carpet cleaning service.

Book Carpet Cleaning Today

To book one or more professional cleaning services provided by Rug Cleaners London, all you need to do is call our phone  or contact the customer care service office via phone 02034045107 or the online booking request form. You should specify the type of service you need, the type and size of the carpet, as well as the condition it is in. They will process your request within 2 hours and will send you an SMS and e-mail with booking confirmation details. No deposit is required for booking, so get in touch with us now!