I must admit that the noise from the carpet cleaning machine was unexpectedly loud, but the actual cleaning was pretty fast, and in less than 30 minutes my carpet was perfectly clean and stain-free. I am very happy with the service, and will definitely follow the cleaner’s advice to do this kind of carpet cleaning at least once a year.

Mary Parkers

We have been using the services of Rug Cleaners London for regular carpet cleaning for more than 3 years, and definitely recommend them as the best in the area. Never have we had a complaint from a customer of our hotel for the state of our carpets, and we are happy to keep the place clean and the air fresh. Thanks to our long-time partners, and good luck!

Roger Stanley – hotel manager

I am so happy to have found this company which responds to all my calls immediately and always come in time to provide an excellent job. The fact that the service is available on weekends is perfect for my office, so that the daily work is not disrupted. A big plus is that the weekend service costs the same as that on normal work days.

Will definitely be sticking to this carpet cleaning supplier!

Alex Klaus – private company owner

I was a bit nervous about letting strangers in my home while I was there alone with my 2 year old, but I am so pleasantly surprised by how nice, friendly and non-disruptive the cleaner was. He took so little of my time, and yet did a perfect job. Now my wall-to-wall carpet looks like the day we first installed it! I categorically recommend our carpet cleaning services!

Rosie Cornel

My doctor recommended that I get rid of the carpets at home because of my dust allergies, but I love them so I decided to try with regular deep cleaning instead. I am so happy that I found Rug Cleaners London. They use safe and green cleaning solutions, and also offer me preferential cleaning prices because I am a regular customer! In case you are wondering, I use their services every 6 months, and my allergy seems to be in control.

Margot Willington

My living room rug was all stained with red wine and various beverages after my 40th birthday party, so I called Rug Cleaners London and requested an emergency cleaning service. I am amazed at how quick and easy that was. It took me 2 minutes to book the service, and the cleaner came 5 hours later on the same day and cleaned everything up for about half an hour. So, problem solved. I will definitely bookmark this company for future use.

Pauline Mason

I was worried that the cleaning of my carpet will ruin the legs of the big wardrobe which stands on top of it, but the cleaner who came to steam clean it, first covered them with nylon protective pads, and then proceeded with the cleaning. He even left me nylon overshoes to use after the carpet was cleaned, to walk on it until it dries completely! Very nice young man, and a very good job he provided!

Valerie Johansson

I didn’t think that anything could make the smell of dog urine from my rug go away, and even started considering throwing it away, because I couldn’t stand the smell.

Rug Cleaners London gave me a pleasant surprise when they steam cleaned the rug and added some deodorant in the end. Now, a couple of days later I can smell the fresh nice smell of a clean rug and no sign of the dog pee anymore.

Stanley Brown

My sofa was all messed up with different kinds of stains from the daily use and from the fact that my two young boys always keep snacking on it. I was recommended this cleaning company, and must say I am impressed by the end results of the upholstery cleaning I ordered. Now, the soda looks as good as new, and they even sprayed it with a protective solution which should help (hopefully) to keep the stains away for some time. I definitely recommend these cleaning services!

Sarah Oldman

Although the cleaner was 10 minutes late, he was so polite and efficient, that I do not mind at all! My carpet was steam cleaned, the stains were removed and everything was over in less than one hour. Now my carpet looks and smells like new, and I am happy to recommend the services of this company to anyone interested!

Laura Harrison