Insured Upholstery Cleaning London


Upholstery Cleaning LondonNeed upholstery cleaning now? Get professional and reliable help from Rug Cleaners London. Your sofa has two large stains and you are wondering how to cover them up? Well, why not use our company’s professional services? The experts will help remove the stains and will deep clean any upholstered piece of furniture for you. This will help rejuvenate the furniture and will also make the air in the room cleaner and healthier. We offer both residential and commercial upholstery cleaning in London and our teams are trained, experienced and equipped to handle just about any kind of material, including leather, suede, silk, etc.

Benefits of Our Services

  • Only Prochem certified cleaning solutions – safe and eco-friendly
  • No deposit for booking
  • Service available weekends, holidays and after work hours
  • Vetted, trained and insured cleaners

If you are wondering how much the upholstery cleaning will cost you, just call 02034045107 or send an online request here with a description of the type of furniture you want deep cleaned, and the condition it is in. Our customer care staff will send you a free price offer as soon as possible. The price is fixed, there are no hidden fees.


More facts about the professional upholstery cleaning


Rug Cleaners London works in the sphere of professional upholstery and carpet cleaning since 2005. It offers its services to the people and the business owners of London and has a growing number of satisfied customers because of the quality and reliability of the service it provides.

The cleaners are all very carefully scrutinized, trained and experienced. The company works only with eco-friendly and safe, Prochem certified cleaning solutions, and the experts are equipped with modern, safe and efficient equipment and tools to handle all cleaning jobs. Depending on the type of sofa or other upholstered furniture you want to be cleaned, the cleaner will perform either steam or dry upholstery cleaning. Stain pre-treatment is included in the price.

Steam upholstery cleaning

If the material of the upholstery of your sofa and other furniture allows it, the professional cleaner will steam clean them, to ensure that all dust mites and germs are killed and that all the dust, dirt, and other residue is completely removed. The procedure begins with a close inspection of the entire upholstery to find any soiled areas and stains which need to be pre-treated. The cleaner will pre-treat the stains and the dirtier patches, and will proceed with a precautionary test on a hidden area of the upholstery to check if there is a negative reaction to the cleaning solution. If there isn’t, the cleaner will proceed with the steam cleaning machine. The solution and water released in the form of steam will be injected in the furniture, so it reaches deep inside. After the shampooing phase, there is a rinsing phase with the same steam cleaning machine. During the cleaning, most of the water is extracted by the machine, but your furniture will need some time to dry off completely.

Dry upholstery cleaning

If your sofa is upholstered with a non-waterproof textile or is too delicate to handle water, the cleaner will deep clean it by using the dry upholstery cleaning method. Firstly, the upholstery will be inspected and any stains which can be removed will be pre-treated, and so will the particularly soiled areas. The sofa will be vacuumed and brushed before the dry cleaning so as to remove as much dirt, hairs and other loose residue from it as possible. The special and highly efficient dry cleaning spray will be applied thoroughly with the help of a specialized machine. After 10 minutes it will dry up and will have picked up the dirt and residue with it on the way. A powerful vacuum cleaner is used to fully remove the foam along with the dirt stuck to it. The sofa will then need 1 hour to dry completely. To get a good professional deep sofa cleaning, just book the services of our professional cleaning company.

Book Rug Cleaners London

To book one or more cleaning services offered by the professional cleaning company, you should make a request at 02034045107 or use the online booking form. The operators from the customer support will immediately process it and will send you a written confirmation in up to 2 hours.

Booking doesn’t require an advance payment. Reserving more than one cleaning service at the same time will bring you some very serious discounts from the price. Booking early also is awarded with discounts. There are preferential prices for landlords, estate agencies and for regular customers. Book your upholstery cleaning service now, and enjoy your renewed furniture after the cleaners are done!