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cleaning servicesWhen in need of a reliable, affordable and professional cleaning company, call 02034045107! Rug Cleaners London was established in 2005, and since then has been growing and evolving into one of the top preferred firms the area. There are a number of reasons why customers keep recommending the cleaning company to other people and businesses. The first and main reason is that we’ve placed customer satisfaction in the top of its business goals and missions. Get domestic and commercial cleaning services on affordable rates!

The management is aware that the satisfaction of the customer is based on the quality of the services, as well as the reliability, affordability, the quality and safety of the machines, tools and solutions used, and the trust in the honesty and expertise of the cleaners. This is why it is working continuously to keep ensuring all of these factors to each and every customer.

If you decide to use our rug cleaning services, you are certain to receive:

  • Petrochem certified, safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions used only
  • Trained, vetted and experienced cleaners
  • Fully insured cleaning services
  • Services available every single day of the year

To find out more about the prices, or to get a free and non-obligatory offer, send an online request. The operators are available for you and will be back with a free price quote very soon!

More Services Offered by Rug Cleaners London

Rug cleaning

The company offers high-quality, safe and reliable professional cleaning services for just about any type of rug. Depending on the material and type of rug, either steam cleaning or dry cleaning will be implemented. Stain removal is included in the service, as well as free maintenance advice. Upon request, the cleaners can apply a protective solution to keep the rug from staining and soiling called Scotchgard, as well as deodorize it. Air movement systems can also be provided upon request, to speed up the drying process.

Oriental rug cleaning

Whether you have an Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Iranian, Tibetan, Pakistani or other pile woven Oriental rug, the professional cleaners from Rug Cleaners London can take care and clean it safely and efficiently. Depending on the exact type, a different method will be used, but for more delicate carpets dry cleaning will be implemented to keep the dyes and the shape of the rug safe.

Outdoor rug cleaning

You may keep them outdoors on your patio, but these rugs can use some professional deep cleaning too. Our company uses steam cleaning or dry cleaning to efficiently clean your outdoor rugs for you, depending on the material they are made of, at a great price.

Carpet cleaning

Our trained employees are expert in carpet cleaning. They are equipped to clean just about any type of carpet, pre-treat stains and perform dry or steam cleaning, depending on the material it is made of. All solutions used are eco-friendly and safe.

Upholstery cleaning

Along with your rugs and carpets, our professionals can efficiently deep clean your upholstery, and remove all the stains and dirt from your favourite sofa and furniture. Once again, the method used depends on the textiles of the upholstery. But, whether it is steam or dry, the professional upholstery cleaning will definitely rejuvenate your furniture!

Bus Cleaning

We deliver professional bus cleaning to our important corporate clients. The service is quick, efficient and fully environmentally friendly. The procedure includes hot water extraction cleaning of the seat belts and seats. Our pros apply air-mover to speed up the drying process. The drying time for the places is between three and eight hours and it is best to keep few windows open until the seats have entirely dried up. Floors get hoovered and cleaned with hot water extraction. Windows get sparkly clean from the within. Have in mind that to be able to complete the service our qualified experts need entry to water and electricity within fifty meter.

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To book a service  all you have to do is contact the customer care team, either by calling 02034045107 or by filling out the online form here. You will receive a written confirmation in less than 2 hours. There is no deposit required for booking. You will have to pay after the service has been provided. In case you decide to book combination of services, you will receive very attractive discounts from the price. Same day, emergency booking is available. Otherwise, you can book the professional cleaning service of your choice for any day of the year, weekends and bank holidays included. Go ahead, and book your professional rug cleaning service now!